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At the weekend we saw the return of the Junior County Restricted Tournament after Covid restrictions meant that we had been unable to hold any competitive play for our Juniors over the last 18 months.  “Restricted” means that only players eligible to represent Northumberland can enter.  The Tournament was held at the Tyneside Badminton Centre.

On the Saturday, the U13 and U17 events were held and the U15 and U19 events took place on the Sunday.  Players were able to enter Singles/Doubles & Mixed in any of the age groups for which they were eligible.

U13 event – 11 players entered this age group, unfortunately there were no girls doubles event.  There were a few players for which this was their first outing in a competitive environment.  Full list of Winners and Runners-up is below:

U13 Girls Singles –   W – Sophie Cockett;   R/UP – Tanida Prapunwong

U13 Boys Singles – W – Aryan Kalluri; R/UP – Aniruddh Kalluri

U13 Boys Doubles – W – Aniruddh Kalluri/Aryan Kalluri; R/UP – Jack Atkinson/Dylan Jenkins

U13 Mixed Doubles – W – Tanida Prapunwong/Daniel Proctor; R/UP – Sophie Cockett/Dylan Jenkins

U17 Event – 17 players entered this age group, with a couple of players playing an age group up from their actual age.  Full list of Winners and Runners-up below:

U17 Girls Singles – W – Ellen Davison:  R/UP – Charlotte Graham

U17 Boys Singles – W – Xuehan Zhang; R/UP – Ben King

U17 Girls Doubles – W – Ellen Davison/Katrina Ho; R/UP – Charlotte Graham/Amy Ward

U17 Boys Doubles –  W – Jamie Grant/Jack Tilbury; R/UP – Ryan Cockett/Xuehan Zhang

U17 Mixed Doubles – W – Ellen Davison/Xuehan Zhang; R/UP – Charlotte Graham/Jack Tilbury

On the Sunday, it was the U15 and U19 events

U15 Event – 14 players entered this age group

Full list of Winners and Runners-up below:

U15 Girls Singles – W – Naomi Silva; R/UP – Chalida Prapunwong

U15 Boys Singles – W – Ryan Cockett; R/UP – Matthew Jefferson

U15 Girls Doubles – W – Sophie Cockett/Chalida Prapunwong; R/UP – Naomi Silva/Jasmine Osborne

U15 Boys Doubles – W – Ryan Cockett/Matthew Jefferson; R/UP – Jude Wisby/Aryan Kalluri

U15 Mixed Doubles – W – Ryan Cockett/Naomi Silva; R/UP – Sophie Cockett/Matthew Jefferson

U19 Event – 14 players entered this age group

Full list of Winners and Runners-up below:

U19 Girls Singles – W – Charlotte Graham; R/UP – Ellen Davison

U19 Boys Singles – W – Tim Bodani; R/UP – James Dodd

U19 Girls Doubles – W – Ellen Davison/Katrina Ho; R/UP – Charlotte Graham/Amy Ward

U19 Boys Doubles – W -Tim Bodani/James Dodd; R/UP – Matthew Short/Jack Tilbury

U19 Mixed Doubles – W – Tim Bodani/Charlotte Graham; R/UP – Ellen Davison/Tom Hunt

Well done to all players who competed over the weekend: it was great to see you all back on court after such an uncertain time for us all. 

Special mention must go to the 3 Northumberland players who won triple titles in their respective age groups; Tim Bodani at U19; Ellen Davison at U17; and Ryan Cockett at U15.  Fantastic achievement – they are all pictured below.

Thank you to Steve Abbott and Martin Fagan for running this Tournament and thanks also to Karen Davison and Daniel Tinnion for their supporting roles. 

We are now working towards Shires Matches and this weekend was great preparation for this. 

Well done everyone!!



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