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Sunroof Drains?

I am not sure if anyone can help with this but here goes, i recently acquired a 2008 escape with a sunroof about 3 weeks ago. when i open my sunroof it lifts up and slides back above the roof and not slide into the roof like videos show, i am trying to find roof drains for it as it leaks in the center of the headliner at the front where my switch is mounted and drips onto the center console... i have been to numerous glass shops 3 said it was the drains needed cleaning 2 said if not drains it was the seal, then i just said why don't we just seal it up and be done with it...

my issue is before i seal it up i am trying to find the drains for it i was told they were in the front corners but i the sunroof rails seem to be blocking everything and i cannot find the drains. i took it back to a different glass shop and they asked if it was aftermarket sunroof and i said i have no idea they looked at it and he said i see what you mean usually the drains are easily accessible and gave me a number for a company called leak pro but they want 200 for initial diagnosis and the 200 could be applied to repair which could run 200-1200 depending on what needs repair.

so for 1200 i would just seal it up and never use it again but if i was to sell it it doesn't make for a good selling feature...anyone able to help with this is encouraged to participate in this i said i watched 90% of the youtube videos and my sunroof looks nothing like those on there


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