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2021 Funny Car Chaos Alamo World Finals Results and Photos


By JM Hallas

Marion, TX (Oct. 16, 2021) It was a weird ending to the night. Well, they don’t call it “chaos” for nothing.

With the passing of a cool front Friday evening, temperatures and air conditions changed considerably for Saturday’s start. It would be up to crew chiefs to keep up with cooler track surfaces, air density, and a wind shift from south to north.

Having one more qualifying round helped teams try out different setups getting down the track under entirely different circumstances. In Friday night qualifying, in the warmer, humid conditions, Ronny Young grabbed the number one spot in Funny Car while Mark Hunter got the top spot in the Outlaw Fuel Altereds.

The final qualifying session Saturday, under better conditions, saw a lot of shuffling in the field, with some teams hitting the proverbial nail on the head while others underestimated conditions. When the smoke cleared, championship contender Kirk Williams jumped past Ronny Young with a pass of 3.62 @ 214.08 to take the number one spot.

After the final qualifying round, Funny Cars were then split into groups, with eight cars in each grouping. Eliminations are different than other national sanctions, being broken down into groups based on qualifying times, the top 8 and the next 8 in a second group, with each group running their own rounds of eliminations and break-out times.

With a huge field of cars on-site, several sponsors stepped up to add a “C” field to eliminations giving more chances for drivers to grab some cash, trophies, and those all-important championship points.

Funny Car Eliminations (Group A)

The “A” group Funny Car finals was on the track awaiting their finals match with Kirk Williams (Williams Bros Racing) in the Firebird bodied car, going toe to toe with Bob Alberty Jr.(Thunderin’ Okie) in his Mustang bodied car. Unfortunately, all they could do was watch as clean-up efforts began in both lanes. It was finally decided to split the purse after a long wait. The two had a roshambo (rock/paper/scissors) play-off to determine who got the trophy. Alberty took home the hardware after an “overtime battle.”

Alberty took out Ken Singleton in round 2 and Ronny Young in round 1. Williams trailered Allen Middendorf and Dustin Bradford.

** With his round 1 victory over Alan Bradshaw and qualifying points, Singleton could get enough of a points lead to lock Williams out of the points battle. This would be Singleton’s third Funny Car Chaos title in a row.

Funny Car Eliminations (Group B)

In the last of the two Funny Car groups to make it through the final round, Lyle Greenberg’s (Cone Hunter) retro Corvette Funny car paired with Keith Jackson (High Heaven) in his retro Camaro Funny Car. Jackson broke on his burnout and pulled to the side, exited, but left a puddle of oil. Greenberg ran out his pass, and at the top end, chunked out some fluid and parts, sparking a massive clean-up effort in both lanes.

Lyle Greenberg, 3.996 @ 173.48, defeats Keith Jackson DNR.

Greenberg beat Curtis Loftin in round 1, then Chris Schneider in round 2. Jackson bettered Tom Furches and Shayne Lawson.

Funny Car Eliminations (Group C)

The first group of the Funny Car finals saw Alex Barker, in only his third ever start, going up against Daniel Butherus. In his retro GTO Funny Car, A. Barker (Back in Black) got 4/100th on the line, and that was about all she wrote as Butherus (Rat-atude) in his Camaro-bodied Funny Car tried to play catch up, but to no avail.

Alex Barker, 4.190 @ 172.61 defeats Daniel Brutherus, 4.274 @ 166.48

A. Barker bettered Tim Boychuck and Andy Mears while Brutherus beat Shane Blanton and Jade Cook.

Funny Car qualifying round 3

Kirk Williams, 3.626 @ 214.08

Ken Singleton, 3.759 @ 20814

Allen Middendorf, 3.784 @ 155.44

Alan Bradshaw, 3.934 @ 181.67

Tom Furches, 4.057 @ 176.47

Chris Schneider, 4.068 @ 177.44

Clay Cunningham, 4.078 @ 179.86

Keith Jackson, 4.173 @ 178.29

Chuck Loftin, 4.284 @ 167.85

Shane Blanton, 4.308 @ 156.79

Andy Mears, 4.332 @ 162.45

Alex Barker, 4.337 @ 167.72

Daniel Brutherus, 4.345 @ 166.42

Jade Cook, 4.367 @ 157.73

Jordan Ballew, 4.385 @ 161.93

Scott Cousimano, 4.511 @ 139.28

Tod Barker, 4.643 @ 167.66

Jeff Cameron, 4.751 @ 167.66

Bob Alberty, 5.198 @ 993.48

Scott Pareso, 5.592 @ 149.06

Eric Eoff, 5.708 @ 150.85

Terry Haddock, 6.037 @ 157.18

Nancy Matter, 6.423 @ 134.97

Dustin Bradford, 7.547 @ 67.59

Shayne Lawson, 7.840 @ 55.20

Robert Slaughter, DNT

Outlaw Fuel Altered Eliminations

The OFAA runs what they call “Chicago Style” eliminations, with everyone making side-by-side runs. Then the two fastest winners are paired up to run the finals. What was shaping up to be a pretty equal face-off between John Broussard and Mark Hunter, who both ran 3.85, never materialized. After the aforementioned delays, the winner was determined by a simple toss of the coin. Broussard won the coin flip to take home the hardware for the weekend. Ken Zimmerer was crowned the 2021 OFAA series champion.

Outlaw Fuel Altered qualifying round 2

Ken Zimmerer, 3.899 @ 193.38

John Broussard, 3.917 @ 161.93

Bobby Marriott, 3.946 @ 168.54

Jimmy Jones, 3.997 @ 150.80

Aaron Morrow, 4.945 @ 94.14

Jody Austin, 5.303 @ 140.67

Mark Hunter, 3.778 @ 179.45 (BO)

The oil down delays came after a Nitro Harley qualifying incident when one of the riders exploded a motor and took a blow to the chest. Thankfully, the rider could slow the bike down, stay on board, and coast to a stop despite having the wind knocked out of him and possibly a few cracked ribs. He was checked out by track EMS and not transported at the time.

So these guys have some huge cajones, but straddling a live stick of dynamite, going 150-200mph, on one tire is not, my idea, of a thrill… I’m thinking kevlar would be a good investment, though, yes?

Outlaw Top Sportsman

The Outlaw Top Sportsman final was supposed to be a round one rematch between David Bills in the Fischer Bros. Cavalier, and Keith Whitaker in his XRX CBD Shop, Camaro. Bills got a competition bye on the final run after Whitaker was unable to make the call.

David Bills, 4.665 @ 152.75, defeats Keith Whitaker DNR.

Bills bested Whitaker and Mike Atkinson while Whitaker lost and rebought, getting by an early-leaving Austin Philpot in the semis.

6.00 Index

The 6.00 final was a match-up between two well-known local racers, Scott Ball and Jonathon Hernandez, but with a twist. Ball was piloting the Jim Cole-owned Mission Racing, Monte Carlo, while Hernandez was in the Leroy Obryant owned Obryant Automotive, Chevy Monza. Sometimes you need a scorecard to follow these guys. After the long wait, the two opted to split the winning money.

In eliminations, Ball beat D. Deberry, L. Williams, and Chris Gulitti with a round 4 bye. Hernandez took out Perry Taylor, M. Dodd, C. Deleon, and M. Snider.

7.00 Index

The 7.00 Index finals should have had Brandon Meadows in his B&M Automotive, Ford Mustang squaring off with Jay Robinson in his American Bracket Racer Chevy Nova. But again, with the delay, they decided to split. (Literally and figuratively)

Meadows got past Bob Gulitti (who broke out by 12/10,000th), Scott Ball, M. Rachul, and Nathan Ybarra. Robinson took out K. Keller, Carlos Carrasco, Matt McInnis and took a round 4 bye to the finals.

Jet Dragster vs Top Dragster

Ray Kelly and his jet-powered dragster ran a sweep of the grudge races between him and Dennis Smith in his blown alcohol dragster.


1 Funny Car group A co-winner Bob Alberty Jr

2 Funny Car group A co-winner Kirk Williams

3 Funny Car group B winner Lyle Greenberg

4 Funny Car group C winner Alex Barker

5 Outlaw Fuel Altered co-winner John Broussard

6 Outlaw Fuel Altered co-winner Mark Hunter

7 Outlaw Top Sportsman winner David Bills

8 6.00 Index co-winner Scott Ball

9 6.00 Index co-winner Jonathon Hernandez

10 7.00 Index co-winner Brandon Meadows

11 7.00 Index co-winner Jay Robinson

12 Ray Kelly jet dragster

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