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Every score matters! Selby Summer League Shoot this Sunday 12th May

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We have again entered GAC into the Selby Summer League Postal competition for 2024.This Sunday, we’ll be shooting the first match, and it’s your chance to shoot for the club without the travel and formality of an in-person tournament!

What is the Selby Summer League Postal competition ?
Running from May to September each year, this popular postal competition enables clubs across the UK to shoot against another team in their division.

So, GAC (as a club) post our scores each month during the summer, in competition with clubs right across the country. Scores are sent to the organiser, who works out who has won each match, and creates a League table.

How can I join the GSA team?
Simply turn up and shoot on Sunday! We have already entered the following teams:

  • two recurve teams (A and B) each consisting of three archers
  • one recurve barebow team consisting of two archers
  • one compound team consisting of two archers
  • one longbow team consisting of two archers

The good news is that we only submit the best scores shot in the month. So team members can change throughout the season, depending on how many people shoot, and the highest scores recorded.

In other words, everyone could be part of the team!

When can I shoot?
Ideally, we would shoot all our scores in one go as a club (on Sunday 12th). If you can’t make it, you could shoot the round at any time before the end of the month. Send your score to Steph (Records officer) for inclusion in the May competition.

What round can I shoot?
The Selby rounds are as follows:

  • Recurves, compounds and barebows
    6 dozen Short Metric which is 50m/3doz then 30m/3doz, using an 80cm face for both distances.
  • Longbows
    A National round, which is 60yds/4 doz then 50yds/2doz on a full-sized face.

Do I have to shoot the Selby on Sunday?
If you don’t want to shoot the Selby then don’t worry. You can choose another round and have it still count for handicaps, classifications and also for club records purposes.

Do I need to bring anything with me to shoot?
It’s going to be a hot one, so we suggest that you slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat and bring a refillable waster bottle which you can top up in the clubhouse!

Also remember that you must wear shoes that fully cover your toes, like trainers. No flip-flops or open-toed sandals are allowed on the range at GAC for safety reasons.

See you on Sunday!


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