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Share your love of archery at the upcoming GAC Taster Sessions

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The 2024 GAC Taster Sessions start next week!

GAC taster session for archery archers on lineThere will be 6 sessions over the coming outdoor season, once a month on a Saturday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm. The April 27th Session is now completely sold out and the May 25th one is already more than half full. So there are still plenty of people keen to try our lovely sport!

We are expecting an average of 40 people to come to each, and to deliver each session we will need:

  • At least 4 qualified AGB coaches (Running the session, instructing and acting a Field Captain)
  • At least 6 Instructors (minimum 12 months shooting experience)
  • At least 6 General Helpers (setting up and putting away the range, collecting and sorting arrows, helping with questions or just chatting to visitors)

A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has added their name as a coach, instructor or helper to the Sign Up Genius for the Taster Sessions.

However, there are still some gaps in that it would be nice to fill.

Could you be one of those volunteers?

If you’re thinking ‘Possibly, but I don’t think I could teach anyone else to shoot’ – of course you can! We will try and run some regular short training sessions, and there will be loads of experienced people on hand to help.

The key thing is that we are not trying to teach all of the intricacies of great shooting form, but just enough tuition to enable guests to shoot lots of arrows safely and enjoyably.

The club will provide tea, coffee, biscuits and cake to keep all the volunteers going, and the emphasis will definitely be on making it 2 hours of fun for both the archers and volunteers.

Volunteering is really simple, just add your name to the Sign Up Genius for the days you can help and the role you can do, by following this link:

GAC Taster Session volunteer Sign Up

It’s all about the fun!

Helping to introduce new people to archery is really enjoyable, and who knows, you may be introducing the next Olympic archery champion to the sport that is going to change their life!

If you’re not sure, but would like to be kept in the loop, why not join our Taster Session ‘Slack’ group online? (a secure place to keep up to date and chat about the Taster sessions). Just let me know via email, and I will send you an invitation!

We are promoting the sessions on social media and any other channel we can think of and everyone is welcome, especially friends and family so if you know of anyone how would like to have a go at archery, please direct them to the information page and booking form on Eventbrite.

If you have any questions, please just drop me an email.


Simon de Kretser

GAC Taster Session Organiser


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