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Selby Successes!


A huge well done to everyone who has had a go at shooting the Selby Postal Competition round over the last couple of months – there has been some great shooting across all of the bow styles.

If you are wondering how you did relative to others, here are the full results from the last 2 months:

May Selby Postal results

June Selby Postal results

A number of members have already put in scores for July (including me), but I am sure that you could do better than me, so why not give it a go?

If you haven’t joined in yet, here’s a reminder of what it’s all about:

The club has entered a postal league for this outdoor season, which is effectively a ‘virtual’ competition each month between ourselves and other clubs around the country.

This means that we need as many scores as we can get each month, shot with either Recurve, Compound or Longbow, over  50 metres. The Teams we enter for each bow style will be made up from the best scores submitted, but this is very relaxed, and this is open to EVERY member regardless of age, skill or experience – just give it a go!

Basically we’re looking for:

Recurve: 6 Dozen arrows at 50 metres on a 122cm target face, metric scoring. – 2 teams of 3 archers in each

Compound: 6 Dozen arrows at 50 metres on an 80cm target face, metric scoring – 1 team of 2 archers 

Longbow/Barebow: 6 dozen arrows at 50 metres on a 122cm target face, metric scoring – 1 team of 2 archers


You will find score sheets in the racks by the front door of the clubhouse, and until the Covid restrictions  are lifted, you can score your own arrows and sign the sheet (but if you are happy to share a target and cross score, that is OK too)

Completed score sheets can then either be left in the Records Officer’s rack by the front door, or photographed and emailed to Stuart Edwards, our club Records Officer;

Alternatively, you can email Stuart a screen shot from your preferred scoring app.



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