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A return to shooting!


Following the announcement of the government’s ‘Road Map’ for the route out of Covid-19 restrictions, it is now possible for us to re-open Guildford Archery Club from 29th March – Hooray!

There will still need to be all of the previous Covid restrictions in place until the end of June at the earliest, but the main thing is, we will be able to shoot!

Our own road map for the return to shooting looks like this:

Monday 15th March – Online sign-up utility will reopen for session bookings

Monday 29th March – First shooting sessions will be available

Saturday 3rd April – First GAC Junior session

Your committee has continued to meet during the most recent lockdown, keeping up with the Covid situation and ensuring that the club facilities are in good order.

Our priority for the return to shooting will always be to ensure that everyone is able to shoot in Covid-safe conditions. In the long run we fully intend to return to the regular activities of shooting rounds, competitions, coaching, beginners courses and social activities, but initially it will be all about just getting back and rediscovering the simple pleasure of shooting, and we will be focused on making sure that there is support and advice on hand to help you get successfully back to archery after such a long break!

Can you help us get ready?
Whilst the club facilities are in good condition, there are a number of things that could be usefully done to prepare for our return to shooting. Usually, we do this on our ‘Club Builder’ working party day, but obviously we can’t have 30 people at the club on one day at the moment. We have therefore planned to have 3 work party days on the Saturdays running up to the opening, each with a maximum of 6-8 people present at any one time.

The days will be the 13th, 20th and 27th of March, and we will divide them into morning an afternoon shifts.

The tasks that need doing include:
– Locating and clearing grass and earth from all distance plates
– Lifting and packing under distance plates
– Renovating and repairing target stands
– Clearing and tidying the BOX
– Tidying and cleaning the clubhouse
– Stripping and repainting the exterior of the clubhouse
– Pressure was and moss-kill the paths
– Strim and tidy the edges around the patio and access paths
– Tidy workshop & get rid of the mushroom crop
– Cut grass
– Checking stock levels and quality of target faces and pins
– Checking all beginners kit
– Check all Covid kit
– Check all Junior equipment

Most of these don’t require any special skills, and tools, material and equipment will be provided, so there is something for everyone! (including juniors).

We have set up a simple ‘Doodle Poll’ so that you can add your name to a particular day and shift, which will help us with planning!

To sign up, please just follow THIS LINK



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