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Right Site Weather Jun 18, 2022


Vancouver, Chilliwack, Bellingham, Seattle, Whistler & Pemberton area paragliding weather forecast, based on data available at 0500.

Low pressure with mostly cloudy skies including rain. 

YVR 3000 ft winds aloft SW to 11 km/hr easing to light and variable. Valley wind early west inflow to 10 km/hr building to SW inflow to 20 km/hr in Chilliwack as day progresses. Intermediate peak lapse rate -2.6C/1000ft.

SEA 3000 ft winds SW to 19 km/hr. Valley winds S to 10 km/hr. Intermediate peak lapse rate -2.4C/1000ft.  

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Paragliding not recommended today in Vancouver, Chilliwack, Whistler, Pemberton, Bellingham, Seattle due to 60%-100% POP with scattered showers to heavy rain and low clouds.



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