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Right Site Weather May 14, 2022


Paragliding Weather Forecast for the Vancouver, Chilliwack, Bellingham, Seattle, Whistler & Pemberton areas, based on data available at 0500.

Low pressure with low cloud base and rain throughout.

YVR 3000 ft winds aloft E to 30 km/hr becoming S to 30 km/hr. Valley winds E to 20 km/hr. Intermediate peak lapse rate -2.6C/1000ft. 

SEA 3000 ft winds SW to 43 km/hr easing to 30 km/hr.  Valley winds SE to 10 km/hr. Novice peak lapse rate -2.3C/1000ft. 

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With low pressure, low cloud base, strong winds aloft and rain throughout, paragliding is not recommended today in Vancouver, Chilliwack, Pemberton, Whistler, Bellingham or Seattle.



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